NZBDrive - Streaming Newsreader


NZBDrive is a Streaming Usenet newsreader application that act as a hard drive in Windows. It allows you to stream media files directly from your favorite Usenet provider using your favorite media player.

Download NZBDrive 2.0

Mount NZB files

NZBDrive emulates a drive on your computer and enables you to mount NZB files on this emulated drive. The content of a mounted NZB file can then be viewed as if it were actual files on your system.

Download on demand

When mounting an NZB file, only a few segments of the content is downloaded to discover what the filenames and file sizes are. No need to download gigabytes of data first. The data is downloaded when you are accessing the files - and then only the parts of the files you are accessing are retrieved when needed.

Stream video and audio

If your connection is fast enough you will be able to see video or listen to audio, while the content is being downloaded. You can also jump forth and back in most media files without downloading the intermediate bytes. NZBDrive will automatically request the parts needed.

Support for RAR and ZIP archives

Files that are archived in RAR or ZIP files are visible as individual files - including multi part archive files. Support for encrypted or compressed files is not implemented. However most media file are already compressed and not compressed in the archive.

Share files with your media center

It is possible to use Windows file-share to share the emulated drive with your media center, allowing you to play the files on your TV.

Support for split files

Files that are split in to parts; "filename.001", "filename.002", etc. are seen as one complete file "filename".

Support for SSL encryption

This means that your connection will be encrypted so that third parties can't control or look into your connection.

Support for multiple servers

Multiple Usenet servers can be configured to increase bandwidth and provide fail-over/redundancy in case parts are missing on other servers. Fill servers can be configured to provide parts in case these are missing on all other servers.

Native 32 and 64 bit application

Support for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 running 32 or 64 bit. The installer will determine which version is the most optimal for your version of Windows.